Estefania Schuman Interiors

Estefania Schuman Interior Design in South Florida

Estefania Schuman is a European designer with global design perspective. Estefania provides interior design services to help bring your design vision to life and transform your residential property into your dream home.

Estefania provides full-service interior remodeling, design, and project management that transforms the value of your property. She provides architectural design, interior design, interior remodeling, material selection, interior decorating, and real estate staging. By providing sketches and 3D renderings of the project design clients can visualize the design. Estefania helps with project management and scheduling contractors to ensure quality of work. Our projects are driven and managed by highly knowledgeable, service-minded interior designer, providing clients a trusted and relational single point of contact. She will coordinate your interior design project from drawing the design to final artwork selection.

• Home Remodeling

• Residential Interior Design

• Space and Design Planning

• Rendering to Visualize Final Design

• Contractor and Project Management

• Commercial Interior Design

• Interior Decorating